Columbus passes illegal “common sense” gun laws

This story came out of Columbus Ohio yesterday. Another example of a local government violating both their state’s constitution and the United States Constitution.


After Columbus City Council approved what members call “common sense” gun laws, Monday, President Shannon Hardin gave this statement:

“This package was about keeping our community safe. It’s about doing what we can do as a city to make sure that we are abating gun violence in Columbus.”

Monday evening, Chuck LaRosa with Ohioans for Concealed Carry gave this statement:

“We’ve already been in touch with our attorneys and we believe there may be numerous actionable violations of state law.”

LaRosa says the organization is looking carefully at what was passed and will plan its next steps, which could include legal action.

Council passed ordinances that close the gaps between state and federal weapons laws, including the banning of bump stocks.

LaRosa says that’s illegal.

He says Ohio’s Revised Code 9.68 that deals with the right to bear arms states a person may own, possess, purchase or sell any firearm, part of a firearm, its ammunition and it’s components.

LaRosa says a bump stock is a component.


“By banning the bump stock, they’re banning what the ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] has long-determined, many times determined to be a gun component,” he said.

The city also says no imitation guns can be sold to minors. LaRosa says that only adds to the “illusion of the forbidden fruit” to children.

Also, the new laws would protect victims of domestic violence, which can take away firearms from those involved in a domestic violence situation, or a violation of a protection order.

“What we have is a comprehensive plan that really speaks to neighborhood safety and community safety,” Hardin said.

Hardin says out of 143 homicides in Columbus in 2017, 80 percent of those involved guns. He did not say, however, how many could have been prevented if laws like these were in place.

“Did he say anything about how many youngsters were killed in cars,” LaRosa asked. “Or, what they’re doing about that? It’s many times more than what’s happening with guns.”


The city is prohibiting gun sales in residential areas and going after properties where a felony offense has happened.

“We believe that it is important for the city to step up and to act and to do what we can and to keep neighborhoods safe,” Hardin said. “And, we believe that this plan is a good step in that direction.”

Four ordinances. Eleven policies looking to make Columbus safer, but some fear it’s at too steep a price.

“The city should not be allowed to violate what is an enumerated right in the U. S. Constitution and the State Constitution,” LaRosa said.

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162 Replies to “Columbus passes illegal “common sense” gun laws”

  1. Gun owners’ responses don’t need to be so divisive. Why not focus on the excellent ideas in this action? They are going after properties where felonies have taken place. We can not win the support of the liberals who don’t understand guns or the issue of 2nd amendment by bashing them. When we are ‘right’, they are ‘wrong’. That’s just a terrible way to have an argument or a debate. Why don’t you, yes, “you”, decide to work together with the other side of the issue to solve the issues we all hate? Don’t ask me what the common ground is. Think about it, talk about it, and use the common ground to make progress with the uneducated people who make emotional decisions in reaction to the violence that we all hate.

    1. Where is the outrage about selling video game that have people killing other people with guns. These have been around for years and I believe that kids are believing that doing this type of shooting in real life is ok. Get real people.

      1. The Columbus City Council should do away with parts of the !st Amendment. Particularly the section that states a Right to Assemble and Free Speech!
        The only people who want to assemble and give their free speech are criminals. Don’t they see the riots that happen during assemblies? Don’t they
        see the bad things they are saying about our Government and the threats they are making? Stop them now before someone gets hurt again from all this free speech. We must protect our citizens of Columbus OH from all that Free Speech stuff for the children of Columbus might start assembling and cause riots.

        1. Are you really serious about attacking the right to free speech? You must be some crazy republican that has no common sense. Attacking a constitutional right the first and second amendment is one and the same. If there were no right to free speech you may not even be able to post your comment. There are plenty of assemblies that don’t turn into riots or have any bad things happen. When there is controversy some one is going to be on the other side. That freedom is what makes the election process work. Would you rather have a dictator? Pretty small thinking on your part.

          1. Got you excited when it was a part of the Constitution you care about didn’t it ! Well gun owners feel the same way about the 2nd amendment as we and you do about the 1st ! I can promise you the first amendment wouldn’t be here for long if it wasn’t for the 2nd !

          2. You apparently have no grasp of the concept of sarcasm.
            He’s not suggesting that they actually do away with the 1st amendment, but rather making jest of their “common (non)sense” laws that subverts the 2nd amendment!

          3. That’s the same small thinking about the 2nd amendment, these so called common sense changes only affect law abiding people criminals don’t pay attention to the laws.

          4. The problem is this..Liberals only consider their speech to be free, If a conservative wants to to have
            free speech they get shutdown immediately and are attacked with the usual liberal rants,I don’t have to tell what they are because it’s the same obscene name calling that they always use. As far as censure goes, facebook, google, utube and any other liberal company will remove anything that is remotely deemed is part of their algorithm..I have personally been censored many times when I write a comment with proven facts. They call conservative views all their pet names when they attack..they are the fascist, nazis’s,intolerant to anyone else’s views that differ from their own. ,American people are sick and fucking tired with what city’s,the media, allow these people to do to other citizens who don’t
            agree with their socialist dogma. Where I live they terrorize people downtown on a daily basis with impunity..they will surround you and start screaming all their usual shit and if you do anything to protect yourself like pulling your legal concealed carry gun to get them to back off you will get arrested for illegal gun use charges and the terrorist Antifa assholes will have nothing done to them by law enforcement. It has happened many times in this city and tourists say they will never come back to my city because of the homeless people everywhere, pan handlers being aggressive and sitting on the sidewalks with their tents and all their shit…it’s disgusting to see what has become this city.
            And our politicians and all their alphabet buds just keep turning this city into a huge shithole.

          5. People need to understand that if you gut the second amendment you risk eliminating or severely curtailing the first amendment. People need to know and understand that slippery slope. This thought needs to get out there and to be UNDERSTOOD….. DON’T SCREW THE CONSTITUTION. If you do you will never get it back what you, me, lost!

        2. There would be no free speech without the 2nd Amendment moron.

          “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder”

          1. Liberalism Is an insurrection, a trojan horse or a Foreign agenda forced on the USA by the EU through the SOLD OUT UN and it’s WEAPONS DATA Collection called the Universal background check, which is the stage for confiscation. The best example of this plan is seen in South Africa and what is happening to the Dutch cultured farmers. they had registration, licenses that expired and not allowed to be renewed, then confiscation. As soon as that was done as of today the land is stolen from them and they are being savagely murdered. LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE FARMERS IN South Africa. they are being slaughtered and their land stolen by that EU backed GOVERNMENT. Lt Col. Brown: “Those who turn their guns into plow shears will plow for those that don’t.” Thomas Jefferson. And, as long as you can pull a trigger, you are relevant. “When they’ve taken your guns, then they’ll come for your sons.” ~Jewish Partizan, 1939

      2. Also the ultra liberal hollywood MORONS. The movies they are making portray the killing of many, many people and then the stars of those movies come out against guns. Those are the idiots like the clowns from Broune and liam neeson that fire a couple thousand rounds. They say that we do not need guns. If it wasn’t for guns they would not have any talent, except for a big mouth.

        BUT THIS IS JUST “PART” OF THE EQUATION!!!!!!!☠️☠️☠️☠️

      4. Your are right on…where is the out rage about making movies that do nothing but shoot the shit out of every one. It’s ok if the liberal actors make all kinds of shows with them shooting everything that walks. Liberals and anti gun people nothing but hypocrites.

    2. “Going after properties” is a euphemism for stealing someones home. Remember the 4th amendment, or are you an only the 2nd amendment matters guy. At any rate, quit encouraging the scumbag politicians to steal even more from the American People!

    3. You Sir are very correct, But liberals don’t give a dam what you or I think. It is there way or the highway. I have several guns, My guns don’t kill people so why should i be forced into something that affected ME!

    4. On guns, as with several other issues, you will never win support from liberals. There is no working with them unless you totally give into their agenda. Yes, I agree felons should not have access to guns.
      But in the same neighborhoods that felons live in there are many law abiding people who want guns, for whatever reason, and their rights should not be held hostage simply because a released violent felon lives down the street. The law abiding person may want a gun simply because of that violent felon down the street.
      To many city councils and mayors believe they are the royal court of their city or town. They also believe they are smarter than the voters, or anyone else, so what they say is the law of the land and should never be challenged. They are always shocked when the US Supreme Court or State Supreme Court throws out their laws and regulations as violations of citizen’s rights.
      They also believe the US and State Constitutions and laws do not apply to any decision they make. What they forget is they are public servants and responsible to all of the public, not just a select few.

      1. Bravo Ed for an educated and thoughtful response. People need to remember that votes got these fools hired and votes get these fools fired. At the local and state levels we do not deal with an electoral collage, it is pure and simple number of votes. I hope the voters of Columbus that support the Constitution let theses ELECTED fools know what they think in November by ousting all counsel members that are up for re-election

    5. Thomas Jefferson said Anyone willingly giving up some freedom for security deserves neither freedom or security

      1. “Are we at last brought to such debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense” quote from Patrick Henry

    6. Its another way to take the rights of law abiding people away. Enough is enough, I hate it that people get shot and hurt.but I’ll be damned if taking guns out of the hands of people or agencies is the way to do it.

    7. There is no ‘common sense’ to laws like these. They don’t provide safety, just an ILLUSION of safety. They don’t result in fewer victims. They result in MORE victims that just haven’t been attacked……………….YET

      1. “Common Sense” is code name for “Communist Sense” or Communist way to Legislate or make people do things…. I think…

    8. Good luck in your fight. According to the Constitution, State and Federal Laws, I believe you will win this fight in a legal battle in Court.
      But, what you said at the end about both sides working together to stop the gun violence from CRIMINALS, I don’t believe you can accomplish that because in order to find the correct resolution, the liberals would have to admit their ways are NOT the only way and they would not be supporting their personal agenda which is plain and simple to do nothing more than take our rights away from us gun owners. That is all they are interested in is their agenda not what is truely in the best interest of the people !!!!!!!!!!

      1. Americans with guns make the largest Army in the World! Think! who wants to abolish our Army And make us defenseless?

        1. Well, lets see…. George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, the entire Leftist agenda, further down the list is the UN, followed by China, Russia, North Korea, et al.
          Sound about right?

    9. What rabbit hole did you go down Alice. The problem deals with our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. Once their gone our 1st Amendment will be next. Do you think it’s a coincidence that school shootings have proliferated since the Obama presidency? Do you think it’s also a coincidence that police are now told to stand down during this violence? Hey what’s going on with the Las Vegas shootings. The Deep State, George Soros want to remove every gun out of American hands. Why you ask? How do you defeat an armed militia? You take the weapons away from them. This was Hillary’s plan if she won the presidency. The liberals need Trump out to finish the final touches on their NWO. If you don’t speak up and fight this insanity you have no one to blame but yourself Alice. There is no negotiation with political treason against this country and it’s citizens. MAGA

    10. This is an overreach of State and Federal Law and cannot be tolerated. Both the Ohio and US States Attorney’s are sworn to protect the law and need to file suit against the city of Columbus! There must be law and order and subscribing to the view that that simply is not true only adds to the problem.

    11. The problem is that there IS NO COMMON GROUND when it comes to violating a protected Constitutional right. There is no such thing as “common sense” gun laws, because the term is open to interpretation by whoever is spouting it. We already have too many gun laws that were solutions looking for a cause. When you can solidly give logical reasons for a law that can be backed up with valid data, MAYBE there might be room for some discussion. There can be no debate based on moot points or flawed logic.

    12. You will never get a liberal to agree with you as long as you disagree with them. They have an agenda and nothing else will do. This is what the original intent of the law was set up for. YOU CANNOT TAKE AWAY A RIGHT! WHAT PART OF THAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? IF YOU DON’T YOU ARE AS LIBERAL AS THOSE WHO WOULD CONDEMN US ALL!

    13. Anti gun nuts will do and say anything to justify their elegal actions .Its simple guns don’t kill people do and will use any means available incuding cars planes busses rocks sticks knives etc why don’t we ban all of those ? Its simple it mite inconvenience anti gunnuts.furthermore anti gun laws violate the constitution.GET OVER IT ALLREADY.

    14. columbus is slowly becoming a liberal bastion…it’s up to the state legislature to pass laws that pre-empt local ordinances that violate state law or seek to usurp their authority…not sure how that works in ohio…nut in PA the legislature would not permit this…that being said,..none of this seems too terrible…

      1. The ACLU only defends radical left wing causes. Don’t hold your breath for them to come to the aid of a person when it comes to unlawful seizure of their constitutionally protected guns .

    15. F….the other side. Who says we have to appease the other side. The other side is nothing but Marxist sewage.

    16. It’s easy to author laws that one believes is “Common Sense,” when in point of fact will do NOTHING to eliminate the criminal element from committing CRIME! However, will surely punish the Law Abiding Citizens! It is only proper to challenge ANY and ALL Laws that are Unconstitutional upon their face! #2A #LibertyFirst

    17. The left’s argument/position is nothing but deceit and lies. They don’t want common sense laws, they want your guns, period. It’s a slow creep on removing the 2A. That is their end game wrt 2A. The bigger picture is found in their game plan – Saul Alinksy. Just ask Hillary, Obama, and any other leader of the left – progressive party. A large number of leftist don’t even know about the big game plan – which is why so many swallow the common sense approach and are confused by the rights firm stance on 2A.

    18. You will NEVER be able to “work” (or “reason”) with liberal communists that are hell-bent on removing ALL guns from the hands of ALL law-abiding citizens in this country. They have ONE thing in mind, because an legally armed populace is the only deterrent that stands between the communists (democrats) and complete DOMINATION (or “elimination”) of people they seek to CONTROL. The 2nd was written by the founders for one reason…and “hunting” or “target shooting” are not any of those..
      It is the last means of protection against for the people against “deep State” government TYRANNY..

    19. Yes, we should be less divisive but it’s ok for “the other side” to call us criminals, murderers, and the like. There is no middle ground to be had because their ultimate goal, their only goal is the complete destruction of the 2nd amendment and confiscation of all firearms. They won’t admit that because they are cowards. They want to take and take piece by piece and call it “common sense” but we all know what it is. They will never see our side and we will never see theirs. The only thing that should be banned are liberals and democrats as it is their sole goal to disarm this country and turn it into a socialist heaven. Pass your stupid laws, ban whatever you want but when you come for mine you will get all the bullets first. I may go down but I will go down firing and take as many of you as possible.

    20. Bart Have you ever known a gun grabbing Trump hating, the Constitution doesn’t matter except on issues they want, liberal use “common sense” and want to work together to solve the issues? Me neither, it’s their way or nothing

    21. To Chuck LaRosa:
      Keep up the fight to reverse these illegal Laws!

      And by the way : are you by any chance relayed to Joseph LaRosa. Who was my my Godfather???
      I’m the Son of Philip and Violanda J. (LaRosa) Bower

      My grandmother was. MARIA LaRosa of Dundalk , Maryland who passed on in December of 1985!

    22. Because once you give into 1 small part of the bill then they will want all the things in the bill. Like the old saying goes give them & inch & they will take a mile. To be honest anti-gun people don’t want sensible laws they want all guns taken away just like every other liberal, socialistic, communistic, & dictatorships. Check your history & you will see surveys done by independent studies shows once the people lose their right to bare arms that is when bad things follow. “We The People Are Pissed”.

    23. The liberal anti-gun crowd keeps trying to sell the rest of us on this idea that the propose common sense laws, but the result is always the same. They want to create stiffer and more detailed penalties and punishments to sound like they are really serious, assign responsibility to create essentially a puppet to enforce their laws and also to serve as a scapegoat of whom they can make an example of, and lastly they still intend to limit, ban, and collect up every gun they can.
      The fact is we are a technologically, market driven country and despite the negligence and carelessness exhibited by people, we don’t just thoughtlessly ban anything that contributes directly or indirectly to physical injury or death. Otherwise, we’d have to ban or restrict cell phones, cars, private planes, lawn mowers, household cleaners, matches, liquid fuels, power saws, etc., because all of these items have been responsible for injuries and deaths.
      But people will argue that only stupid people get hurt with these things. And we can’t mold behavior thru legislation or deny others the use of these things due to a few morons. In other words we don’t penalize everyone for the actions of a few. Yet that is exactly what the anti-gun crowd wants to do. They don’t know anything about firearms or the shooting sports, yet they want to control or ban them.
      And their basis for banning AR-15’s or similar rifles is that with it’s magazine, It can kill “x” number of people and it turns the semi-auto firearm into a fully automatic one. Yeah right. And if I eat enough pixie sticks, I can fart a rainbow.
      I wonder how many of these elite gun grabbers actually own a gun and carry it. Even if they didn’t, they are protected by people who are trained to use firearms.

  2. How nice for those few city council members to impose their personal beliefs on others that do not share the same beliefs. Damn the law of the land they say. Now the residents need to petition for that city to become a pro 2nd amendment sanctuary city.
    I’m considering doing the same for my Commifornia city.

    1. The State of Ohio is a great state. Stop this insanity and repeal this aggregious law. Defend your rights to bear arms. Show America the strength of Ohioans.

  3. To quote Forrest Gump, My momma always said “Stupid is as stupid does”. Lack of knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially in a politician.

  4. The 2nd Amendment is quite clear, shall not be infringed! Shall not be infringed! Shall not be infringed!
    Stop trying to infringe, on the right to keep, and bear, arms! Tell – Soros, Bloomberg, Clapper, and Brennan, that killing school children to gain support for gun confiscation isn’t working, but nonetheless your souls are doomed to hell.

    1. And Thomas Jefferson clarified it even further: “It is our intention that every free man will always be armed”

    2. Rob, I am so behind you man. This nation needs to wake up. Americans need to bring to trial these corrupt politicians since the Federal Government can’t do their jobs. This country is heading towards a Revolution to take back our country from the socialist.

      1. This country isn’t headed anywhere near a revolution, for any purpose. Those days are over. America is soft because Americans are soft and the politicians know it. You all cry and complain about these laws being passed, laws that fly in the face of the Constitution. But cry and complain is all you will do because Americans no longer have the will or stomach for anything else. You all want SOMEBODY ELSE to fix the problem but there is no one else. You will cry, you will complain and then you will simply accept it. Why? Because you are soft.

          1. That is the most important thing of all. We must increase the House and Senate Republicans with the most voting presence. If you don’t like your Republican candidate don’t stay home as that is a vote for a Demwit.

        1. This Deplorable says nonsense. We voted in Trump who will do the will of the people. It takes time to undo what Obomination did to this country.

        2. I think you would like to believe that what you say is 100% true about all Americans ,but I think in reality the only thing 100% true here with your comment is that you are 100% soft and want us to accept it and comply when time comes,so you don’t have to experience a violent revolution and be forced to fight on one side or the other,or die while trying to hide like a coward. Clearly You are the cowardly,and you do not get to speak,for anyone but your own soft fragile shell of a “body”… not a word for the other 300-400 million of us.although yes there are many cowards out there like you, you will have to man up and pick a side when times comes, my bet is it will be the imperial emperors agenda that eventually you will bow and pledge your allegiance to. Join them in hell go right ahead, we don’t need cowards anyways..

  5. They cannot super-cede the constitution! Make sure they bare sued! They won’t let a kid have a water gun for God’s sake. Gary

  6. I did not think they could make laws on their own without putting it on a state ballot for all citizens to vote on it. What they are doing amounts to dictatorship style of government not allowed here. You cannot make laws because you think it’s best for our citizens. This is the very reason the founding fathers gave us the Second Amendment to use as a last line of defense for our civil rights and to defend freedoms we now enjoy. Trying to steal away our freedoms is what we call treason. By trying to make your own laws do you admit to treason? After all you gave us citizens no say in the matter did you not?

    1. It’s our country and unfortunately we have been under an eight presidency of Barack Obama. He was raised a socialist by his adopted father. He was not born an American, yet he became the first president elected without being a US citizen. The Clintons have had ties with the KKK, John Brenner has close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and George Soros and Deep State. Fight for your rights

  7. A good reason to leave Columbus, Ohio. They cannot even sell toy guns to children “The city also says no imitation guns can be sold to minors’. Are adults going to have to under go a back ground check to buy a toy gun. What a bunch of idiots!!!!

    1. Remove these people from office, don’t leave your home. You have the power to change your condition. Take back your government. Start by voting Republican and dump the liberals trying to strip you of you Constitutional rights.

      1. Vote Republican? Watch the news lately? The so called gun friendly Republicans are backing, introducing, voting for and passing these anti gun laws just as much as the Democrats. Republicans are only pro gun when the wind is blowing in that direction. Now that it isn’t neither are they. Republican, Democrat, Independant……makes no difference. A politician, any politician is only concerned with keeping their seat. Yes, look to the politicians to save us. The only thing that will save us is the guns that they are banning but that will never happen because Americans aren’t the flag loving patriots they pretend to be. When the shit really hits the fan they will back down every time. Americans are too fat and lazy, too spoiled, too comfortable, too entitled. They will never again raise a rifle to protect their freedoms because they just don’t have the stomach for it like in the days past. The Greatest Generation was the last of the great generations. These laws will continue to be passed because nobody will ever do anything about it. Go ahead and complain, cry, threaten to sue, threaten to vote out someone. See where any of that gets you. And when that all fails just destroy or turn your guns in like the sheep you have all become.

  8. Not only is Ohio getting out of control on gun control. The US is getting out of control on gun laws. People should do what the liberals do. Start marching in the streets and creating havoc. It seems to work for the other side. But probably not this side, because the media only shows how bad the conservatives are. It shows how good the liberals are.

    1. constitutional carry as well as arming teachers are both under serious consideration in ohio….they need to rain in the power of the large municipalities……

      1. You too ? We need rain here in komiefornia it’s pretty dry but reign would do us some real good as well?

  9. Ignorance at the Local, State and Federal levels of Government continues to be apparent, as again showed herein. Our Constitution guarantees
    the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Law abiding Citizens are Guaranteed that Right and respect the Right and Responsibility! Criminals and “Mental
    Defectives” are the ones who need to be restricted from possessing. As LaRosa points out, more people are killed in cars than by firearms. Therefore,
    “Cars” should be regulated in a manner that no one will suffer death at the hands of a deranged “Car.” Something like 100,000 individuals die or are
    severely injured/maimed by Medical Doctors each year through improper treatment, diagnosis or drug dispensing. Shall we outlaw Doctors???
    Legislators, Get Real, it is the individual, the criminal, who uses a firearm without regard for the law. Enforce the laws we currently have instituted
    with appropriate punishment and incarceration.

    1. Our constitution also describes the solution when this happens is to remove those in power by any means even by the item being removed, ie, the firearm.

  10. If I read correctly, the city would go after property at the scene of a crime. So much for the fourth amaendnent. Goodbye banks and liquor stores.

  11. So they pass city ordinances which they know are in violation of state and federal laws. Waste of taxpayer money and violation of their oaths. Recall or impeach everyone that voted this stupid ordinance. NEW ORDINANCE, any elected city official that votes for an ordinance that they are aware of or should be aware of that violates state of federal law will loose their job and never be able to run for public in that city again. Also , the elected will be fined for any and all legal fees that the city incurs related to said ordinance.

  12. Ah come on guys don’t try to sensor my post and prove to me you are on the up and up. or we will put it on the server farm for every Ohio Email address to see with out you.

  13. The crooks will have a hey day now. Less resistance. What does a person have left to protect themselves? Yes, the mayor shall be responsible for everyone’s protection now. No thank you.

  14. I am a law-abiding citizen and I support the Constitution and the Second Amendment in my opinion the age for buying a firearm should be a minimum of 21 years old I think at 21 A person shall be more mature and you know what it’s doing

    1. So a person 18-21 years old is not mature enough to go to war and defend our freedom? Or does all that change when he or she comes home which in many cases is just another war zone?
      This is a stupid idea.
      Evaluate the mentally challenged among us and get them the help they need, I’d rather my time and tax dollars be spent on that. How many examples are there that indicated schools, neighbors, family and local law enforcement had reason to believe these murderers of innocent people and children had mental issues.
      We need to stop worrying so much about hurting someone’s feelings and actually protect our innocent.
      Convicted criminals of felony laws do not have the mental capacity to own a gun, PERIOD. Cure them or jail them. If they murder, cure them then jail them.

      1. I have to disagree. In 1789 there were only TWO(2) felonies listed in the criminal code. Now there are over 100. Many of them have nothing to do with violence. Yet all felons are treated alke.
        “It is our intention that ALL free men always be armed” -Thomas Jefferson

      2. Government has included so many laws they now consider felonies including a person that writes a check to buy food. If it’s two hundred dollars it’s a felony same rights removed as if they committed armed robbery or murder. We’re is the common sense there? The constitution says States and government can remove a VIOLENT CRIMINALS rights to own a firearm, not anyone’s they just call a felon.

        1. Silly me, I only consider the felonies excluded from gun ownership were the violent type. I realize they (lawmakers) are pretty far reaching in what is interpreted as a felony. It’s rather pie in the sky thinking anyway since it will never happen and if it did guess what? only the bad guys will have the guns. I’d be considered a bad guy because I’m not giving mine up. The idea of not allowing our veterans to own a gun because they aren’t yet 21 is still stupid and that was my original point.

      3. What are you going to do the next time when the doctors office asks do you feel depressed today and you say nope and the person rights down yes and then the people in black come to the door of your home and take your guns because you are considered ill and not safe to have a gun?

  15. wake all you folks in Columbus as well as Ohio. Bad moon rising if you let these non thinking, anti constitution type people speak for you. Beware.

  16. This doesn’t prevent someone from using the most violent weapon around and it is in every household around; the funny thing is that I don’t see any one protesting against it right now but give them a chance and they will. What I am talking about are knives. Knives can make a mess, look what the Manson family members did and what they did to two innocent families.

  17. I hope the whole state of Ohio stands up against this new law. If not…….you get what you deserve. You need only look at California to see how ugly it can get when constituants don’t say “enough!”. Stand up for your rights if you care.

  18. Columbus passes illegal “common sense” gun laws
    On May 15, 2018 By admin

    This story came out of Columbus Ohio yesterday. Another example of a local government violating both their state’s constitution and the United States Constitution.

    COLUMBUS, Ohio
    After Columbus City Council approved what members call “common sense” gun laws, Monday, President Shannon Hardin gave this statement:
    “This package was about keeping our community safe. It’s about doing what we can do as a city to make sure that we are abating gun violence in Columbus.”
    Monday evening, Chuck LaRosa with Ohioans for Concealed Carry gave this statement:
    “We’ve already been in touch with our attorneys and we believe there may be numerous actionable violations of state law.”
    LaRosa says the organization is looking carefully at what was passed and will plan its next steps, which could include legal action.
    Council passed ordinances that close the gaps between state and federal weapons laws, including the banning of bump stocks.
    LaRosa says that’s illegal.
    He says Ohio’s Revised Code 9.68 that deals with the right to bear arms states a person may own, possess, purchase or sell any firearm, part of a firearm, its ammunition and it’s components.
    LaRosa says a bump stock is a component.
    “By banning the bump stock, they’re banning what the ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] has long-determined, many times determined to be a gun component,” he said.
    The city also says no imitation guns can be sold to minors. LaRosa says that only adds to the “illusion of the forbidden fruit” to children.
    Also, the new laws would protect victims of domestic violence, which can take away firearms from those involved in a domestic violence situation, or a violation of a protection order.
    When will gun control people realize that all their gun laws only affect law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t obey laws and they can get any kind of gun they what on the black market.

  19. Lawsuits are the only answer, do someone should be the sacrificial lamb. Violate this “city council” which has no right to enact laws AGAINST/COUNTER TO the Constitution both states and Federal Constitutions. Do they not realize that the CONSTITUTION is there to LIMIT THE GOVERNMENT from Infringement on the people’s rights. I ignore any laws I feel are unconstitutional especially when it pertains to my right to KEEP&Bear Arms.

    1. Lawsuits are only an answer when there are neutral judges, which have become about as rare as hen’s teeth

  20. Great article [←sarcasm]

    So, according to this article, no one knows what is in the new ordinances but they must be unconstitutional.

    Come on people, we ought to be able to manage a better standard of journalism than this tripe. Get some facts (hint: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How are a good place to start) THEN write an article that actually says something instead of just creating a clickbait headline with a few lines of fluff.

  21. the federal govt was never given an enumerated power to infringe the 2nd amendment but to enforce it and state governments are not to violate the us constitution. it is past time these oath breakers these criminals be brought to swift justice. Additionally the 2nd amendment is TELLING THE GOVERNMENTS the rights, the natural rights citizens have and that they shall not infringe them… WHERE ARE THE CONSEQUENCES FOR THESE PERPS VIOLATING THE LAWS OF OUR BLOOD BOUGHT LAND???

  22. Let us ban guns, because multiple killings involved guns.
    Let us ban bows, because multiple killings involved bows, and bows were a precursor to guns. If it hadn’t been for bows, there would be no guns.
    Let us ban rocks, because multiple killings involved rocks. Rocks, led to slings, which lead to bows, which led to guns…, no rocks —> no guns.
    Let us also ban nail guns, and staple guns, since they can often do the same damage the ‘dangerous’ guns can, and often do it even faster.
    (Guns are tools, and ANY tool can be misused. Blaming the tool is folly.)

    Or,a novel idea, let us actually punish those who use the guns, bows, and rocks improperly, instead of sending them to long term resorts waiting for trials that span years, wasting money that could go into enforcing laws that ALREADY exist and are often ignored or forgotten.

    1. No! They don’t want to do that? They want to punish law abiding citizens. Not the actual criminal’s. Only dummies think by taking all gun’s is the answer. These fool’s have no clue or regard for the Law of the Land! That’s anti-American. It’s Treason. It’s Communist! America is not s Communist country. If these fool’s don’t like it leave! America was built on gun’s. That’s America! Love it or leave it! I can’t stand stupidity! Especially. When they think their train of thought I’d normal? There is a large majority of sick dilusional people running around America. Thinking they are the majority? They think that they have the power to dictate , Control and Censor what other’s can do? That’s Socialist Commie Globalist Democrat thought process! Insane in the membrane!

  23. What you are doing is a waste of time and taking rights away from your people why should law abiding citizens be punished for what crooks and unstable people do???

    1. I am beginning to think these people make laws like this and have their marches and such to give us Constitution supporting people nervous breakdown so more of us land on the “unstable and cannot own a gun” list! I mean, look at their actions over the years since Obama took office, it is one of the few scenarios that makes any sense.

      … Wait a minute here, I may be giving them more credit for forethought then deserved. It may be just a happy side product of their efforts to subvert our laws and Constitution. Either way, I bet it is working, in todays U.S.A. nervous breakdowns from stress due to stupidity in the world are going up in number.

  24. The only “common sense” gun law is the 2nd amendment. All others would be null and void if the Supreme Court did their job. Also nobody should be denied the right to purchase or posses a firearm including ex-cons. The only people that should be denied firearms are the ones that have been “convicted” (not investigation) and put in jail.

  25. Why do you think they are so fixated on “Gun Violence”, it is because a gun is an easy thing to point at, even if it does not solve the issue.
    Once all the guns are gone, what then? There will still be the “Violence” part. There is a common issue between all kinds of “Violence”
    Gun Violence, Knife Violence, Club Violence, Bomb Violence, Car Violence, Bare Hand Violence” …. on and on and on…. the thing the want to Ban is Gun?
    If only we could focus on the Violence part and work on issues in society that are the root cause of Violence, then we would really make some headway, without violating “Rights”.
    Look at Australia, England… Violence goes on, OK OK, not as much Gun Violence because it has been replaced with knife, bomb, acid, clubs… What’s next? Ban the Fork! obesity is rampant! What do you mean they will use a spoon…. Dang it!

    1. Humans started out with rocks and clubs, we are a violent species. Guns just evened out the field, now the the weak can kill just as well the strong. I have often wondered just where would the human race be if we put into the cause of peace the same effort we put into violence?

    2. I love it! Don’t forget car’s? I think car’s kill more people than Idiot’s with guns do?

  26. Someone should sue every individual person on the city council that voted that in for violating and depriving them of thier constitutional rights, for violation of state and federal laws and discrimination because they didnt impose the same laws to criminals.Take thier money and maybe they will start to think

    1. Think? What’s that? Most of them are incompetent to be in an official capacity? Polosi , Waters Jerry moonbeam Brown Feinstein etc.. Pretty much all the Democratic party!

  27. Forget gun control and the 2nd Amendment. All of that is a front. What these people want is the entire U.S. Constitution. Do not kid yourselves; and they will stop at nothing.

  28. I once spent a summer in Columbus Ohio. If I EVER wished I had a gun for self protection, it was there and then. I doubt if it’s any better now.

  29. Why the supposed intelligent people of this country can not understand this I don’t know, CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY THE LAW, THAT IS WHY WE CALL THEM CRIMINALS. Where I live, when you call the LEO’s, if they are in the area they might be here in 5-10 minutes. If they are not in the local area they might be here in hours or days. When my neighbors house was broken into, the LEO showed up to investigate the crime FOUR DAYS LATER. Now I am not trying to blame them, not enough officers, too big of a county, but it shows me that we are on our own for protection of life and property.
    The left wants everyone disarmed, thinking that the government will protect them. I hate to tell you this but the government only protects the government. The Fat Cats want everybody disarmed while they are protected by their armed bodyguards.
    In 1776 we fought a war to get away from a Monarchy form of government, we did not want to be subjects, we wanted to be citizens. And in 242 years we have had some problems but overall we have done fairly well. But now it seems that some very vocal groups want to trash everything this country stands for, what some very brave people have died for, and what I swore an oath to defend and protect.
    Wake up America!! You are letting the mobs take away everything that is good and right about our Country.

    1. Bravo and kudos, and “… and what I swore an oath to defend and protect.” thank you very much for your service to this nation.
      You hit the target dead center, a very vocal minority of people are eroding the rights of a mostly quiet majority of the people. Vote, speak out, let the acknowledged MILLIONS of LEGAL gun owners make their voice be heard and their presence known.
      Land of the Free, because of the Brave. Let us be brave once more.

  30. “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” President George Washington

  31. There are no caveats to “keep and bear arms” , OR “shall not be infringed”. Enforce the existing laws ( of which there are more than enough…, if used.) which have been enacted under the banner of “common sense”. Each one of course, was given all due consideration and solved each and every gun issue they were meant to “take care of”! Right…….#&@???!!!
    This form of stupidity is beyond belief! I really thought this article was from CA, not Ohio.

    1. Dilusional thought process. Many of those do called anti-gun law’s were Unconstitutional and Illegally dhoved down our throats! Do you not understand what illegsl is? Let alone Unconstitutional? The supreme Law of the Land. Do you understand that Federal Law supercedes all other local and State laws? That’s reality! Any anti-gun speeches are Treasonous traitor’s and not an American. They are anti-American!

  32. I am sadden at the gun shooting in the schools ! !!! But, there are more young people dying of overdose on drugs and that is something that should be addressed .
    We are talking about hundreds of kids because of some person decided to use a gun for the wrong purpose … YET!! there are thousands of people dying of drugs .
    I am a gun owner and shooter – my kids were taught about fire arms and what danger they could bring YEETTT !! my daughter died of an overdose

    1. Well it’s the Globslist fool’s that Control the drug’s. The Deep State , CIA and Ex-Presidents. Made lot’s of money on the distribution of many drugs. Whether you know it or not?Many people in the military know this. The Globalist have doesn’t many year’s to get yo this point.They’ve infiltrated deep into our whole society and Government. Trying to bring down America! The Demonrat Party had taken s new stance. They are now Socialist Commie Globalist Libtard’s. They are the ones creating all this civil unrest and division. It’s divide and conquer for them. Your kid and many in other families have suffered. Especially mine! That is where the blame is property put. They are all criminal ‘s. That’s including the Republican RINO’s like The Bushes and McCain etc..

  33. In all of the left-wing liberal rhetoric pertaining to gun control, I’ve yet to hear any of them explain now they plan to disarm the criminals. Are they so stupid to think that by passing such unconstitutional laws the criminals will come out of the “hood” and meekly surrender their firearms!! By taking away our 2nd Amen. rights the Dumocrats create a situation for the thugs which would be analogous to my South Georgia dove shoot experience of “shooting over a baited field”. For me to surrender my firearm because criminals have too many guns would be like my being castrated because my neighbor has too many children. You Ohions need to hang in there like a hair in a biscuit.

  34. This is the most stupid laws stepping on all Americans rights !
    Where do you think we would be now if Americans had laid down their gun rights ? Think of all the millions that were put to death during WWII per Hilter. We all have relatives that gave up their lives to defend our freedom. Don’t ever take our freedom for granted. Honner our County by standing tall against these uninformed so called Americans who call themselves “Good Citizens “ .
    Jeff Becraft

    1. Jeff, you are right. The problem today is that these kids have never lived under the threat of losing America, as in WWII. Hitler’s design was world domination, and he was doing well, until we stepped in (remember D-Day? It was THE turning point of the war against the Nazis). This is what they don’t get. They think a tyrannical government would never happen, yet they fail to see the tyranny going on in other countries with these tyrants. If they had any real sense, they’d learn from history, rely on actual facts, and actually become educated on the issue, rather than the typical knee-jerk “ban this, ban that” nonsense. Alcohol kills alot more children, and people than guns do, yet it isn’t banned. Car accidents kill far more children, and people than guns do, but they don’t ban the car. Texting and driving is one of the lead killers of young people nowadays, but the cell phone isn’t banned. It is truly that easy to understand that you don’t do such things because of the few. According to them, however, none of this equates in any way. Now tell me again how this isn’t about taking our gun rights…


  36. Christ almighty people… this is NOT hard: No one has the right, regardless of title, to tell me, as a peaceful man, what I can or cannot own, can or cannot do, can or cannot eat, can or cannot insert free choice here! No one has the moral authority over me or you for that matter! What the hell is wrong with everyone? Do you really think that the “gumment” in going to arrest everyone that disobeys unlawful laws and lawmakers? The constitution tells us it is our DUTY, not right, to disobey unconstitutional laws! Here is one step further for all you mushy brained “yessirs” out there:
    DEFENDING YOUR LIFE AND LIBERTY IN ANY WAY YOU SEE FIT IS A HUMAN RIGHT! Not just an American one. Only the weak and timid await PERMISSION! We are not children any more! Wake up! God you sheeple make me sick!

  37. Didn’t expect anything else from the state of Kasich. I’ve never known of any common sense coming out of Ohio.

  38. I’m 70 years old, owned guns since I was 14. Not once have I saw a weapon jump up and shoot someone. People are the problem not weapons of any type, shape or caliber. Fix the people who are using them to commit crime. The Constitution didn’t do it nor the law abiding gun owner. Granted it is cheaper to make it appear to be a solution but the cost is too much for the FREEDOM asked to be taken away. The Constitution and us are not the problem, the problem lays in a society that fails to educate their children not only regarding gun safety but also the boundaries and punishment that comes due to their inappropriate actions. What I experience growing up made sure I new right from wrong. What happens you act inappropriately and the consequences of your behavior. I fault the parents and the absence of parenting as the underlying cause. If it’s broke, fix it. If it isn’t you’re wasting your time.

    1. Discipline and teachings of respect and responsibilities as well as consequences for your actions would make a difference. I may be only 48 but I grew up with both sides of my family military, was taught gun safety, handling, and care at 6, and if I did wrong my butt got a few solid swats. I was never abused but i damned sure learned if I did wrong there was a price to pay.
      These liberals made the mess they so flippantly disregard the Constitution in their effort to legislate their mistakes away. *Sigh*

  39. It is already the law that mentally ill persons and felons cannot purchase firearms legally, (if the correct data is in the system). Personally, I have take my Ruger pistol, added a high capacity magazine and now it is fully automatic…….hahahahahahaha. What degree did this idiot get? Is there anyone on his staff that is able to proof read his garbage and correct it? And this is someone who we voted for and put into office to make our laws! Keep these people in mind next voting day! Send them a packin’.


  41. I think that all politicians, especially those that are just starting out in local government, should go to a shooting range and get schooled about firearms and firearms safety.
    Even if they are anti-gun, they should know what they are talking about. Sadly, most think that there will be fewer shootings in the inner city if they tighten down gun ownership. Please take you friends(who know nothing about guns) to the range and have a bar-b-que. The larger the group, the more the uneducated can learn about gun culture in a positive mode.
    Years ago, I went out to a desert spot and was appalled at the free for all and the trash that was left over. Guys would bring old cars, appliances, and other makeshift targets out to shoot at and blow up with gasoline and propane. They would shoot from all directions and automatic fire would be heard at different times. I did not want to go back and considered most of those guys “accidents waiting to happen”.
    Going to a well run range outdoor for all firearms and indoor for handguns, showed me the difference. I could plink with a Hi Point or an old pocket .25 or .32 and no one would talk bad about it. If I needed some instruction, an employee or a regular was always ready to help and show me what I needed, I only had to ask.
    Sadly, local police departments around here will NOT go out to show gun safety because of the liability factor, but many LEOs will be glad to teach a small group without the backing of the department.
    It seems to me that Father’s Day would be a great day for such an outing, if you can reserve a spot at the range, the adults can get taught and the kids can at the least watch the safety demos.

  42. I agree with so many of you . But I’m afraid it is going on deaf ears .Because I think they least some of them what we been saying but what we been saying won’t disarm us and when you sead it all they just our guns. So just go about. each day and carry. What are they going do put millions of people in jail.

  43. If someone doesn’t know a fully automatic weapon is they should shut the hell up! But they evidently think being a politician makes them intelligent. Shall not are very important words as are the words in Article 1, section 9, clause 3 of the Constitution. Hopefully, politicians can understand the meaning of no ex post facto. It’s a short clause but should be read.

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